Benefits of Rose Essential Oils in soy candles

The healing benefits of Rose Essential Oils 

healing properties of Rose Essential Oils

Rose; a symbol of love and romance, balance and beauty, a new beginning and dawn of optimism, brings about the colours of hope to the dull and imperfect lives. It adds to the beauty of the world and gives out an aura of love and sweet fragrance to its surroundings. As the petals shine in beauty, its essence is extracted in the form of essential oils for the humankind to get benefited by its uncountable advantages.

The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.” 

Rose essential oil is mainly extracted from the Damascus Rose plant, which contains the flower’s aromatic compound. These compounds are known for their healing properties hence rose essential oils infused in soy candle can benefit you in ways unimaginable. Keep reading to find out more about this magical oil.      

The incredible benefits of aromatherapy of rose essential oils

The crystal candles having rose essential oils emanates floral aroma that soothes the senses and calms the nerves while inculcating a feeling of tranquility and harmony in the surrounding. Even the aromatherapy practitioners have laid a great emphasis on its healing properties. According to them, inhaling essential oil molecules or absorbing them through the skin, transmits messages to the brain region that controls the nervous system which affects blood pressure, heart rate and stress level etc. It hence reduces the anxiety level, ceases the depression, heals a headache and cures the cramps and migraines. In addition to that, it also sharpens the memory, stimulates circulation and sedates inflammation. It’s a package all in all enclosed in a jar amalgamated with wicks and wax, spreading the scent of love and warmth in the surrounding and healing the wounded to the core.

Rose essential oil in the context of historical background

Egyptians were the first ones to macerate fresh roses and make fragrant pomades out of them, which were then placed on the heads. The body heat would melt the cone-shaped pomades which would trickle down the face and neck hence releasing scented rose oils. History also indicated the use of pomades by Indians and Greeks.

In ancient times different civilizations used rose oil in medicines, cosmetics and perfumes. The oil then passed on from generation to generation hence reaching down to us, where overtime different researches proved its worth and importance with regards to its spiritual and holistic benefits.  

Helping the heart to bloom

Associated with the heart chakra, the rose essential oil has vibrational frequency that helps in opening the heart. It also aids in harmonizing mind and emotions, while uplifting the spirit.


rose buds

Miraculous healing properties of the rose essential oil

Rose essential oil is unique in its properties and is the most luxurious aromatherapy tool. How? Read through to find out more.

  • Strengthens spirituality
  • Fights depression
  • Mental and Emotional uplift
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Women’s oil
  • Induces love and romance

Strengthens spirituality

Rose has been known for its spiritual influence since times immemorial. The comforting and rejuvenation aroma of rose invokes the feeling of spirituality. It is widely used in meditation for spiritual attunement which in turn strengthens the heart chakra and promotes spiritual growth as well as endorses the feeling of unconditional love. Its beautiful floral scent opens the door to self-love and self-compassion in the time of emotional wounds.

Fun Fact: Rose oil is highly expensive as it takes 30 roses to make one drop of rose oil and about 60,000 roses to make 1 ounce of the said oil. But still, it is widely used oil all over the world owing to its highly therapeutic and multiple healing properties.

Fights depression

Depression is an illness which needs to be dealt with an iron hand instead of ignoring it altogether. It’s as deadly as it can get, a UK campaign group Mind described it as;

It starts as sadness, then I feel myself shutting down, becoming less capable of coping. Eventually, I just feel numb and empty.”

In recent years the number of people suffering from depression has surged to an insurmountable level. (World Health Organization) WHO’s latest figures indicate that 300 million people are suffering from the said disease which makes it about 4% of the world population. With the increase in depression, one of a rather more friendly and cheerful way of keeping it at bay is by using essential rose oil infused aromatic soy candles. As an antidepressant and confidence booster, it fights off anxiety and reduces the stress level while boosting the mood.

Instil this wonderful essential oil in your daily routine in the form of soy candles and get rid of stress and strain completely.


Mental and Emotional uplift

The benefits of rose essential oil can best be availed through the aromatherapy. Individuals going through trauma, anxiety or stress may feel lack of confidence or trust due to the blockage of heart chakra. Rose candle can greatly help in opening the blocked heart which can ultimately result in a sudden feeling of euphoria and relaxation, freedom and hope. Opening the heart can directly change one’s spiritual existence to a greater extent.

Improves sleep quality

The most luxurious and soothing way of improving the quality of sleep is none other than the magical scented rose oil soy candle. According to a study conducted in 2014, Rose essential oil improves the sleep quality of heart patients. The study was held in a Coronary Care Unit where those who received aromatherapy had better quality sleep than those who received just the routine care. So this extraordinary oil is sure to evoke the feeling of relaxation under stressed circumstances and help get better sleep, speeding up the recovery time altogether.

Tracing it back to 17th century where a famous Physician and Herbalist Nicolas Culpeper termed it a wonderful source of strengthening heart both physically and emotionally.

Women’s oil

Rose essential oil is also regarded as ‘women’s oil’ for the sole reason of it helping with hormonal imbalances and curing menstrual problems.

Caution: Rose oil aromatherapy should be avoided during pregnancy.

Induces love and romance

You would go to extreme ends to win over the love of your life right? Try floral scented rose candle and get indulged in the most delightful, romantic dinner with your loved one. It will not only invoke the feeling of mutual love but will act as a great seducer giving you a wonderful time of your life. No wonder roses and rose petals are used on every wedding there is or in making every anniversary worth remembering. Or try pairing it with Lavender essential oil to help relaxation.  

This oil acts as a magical tool not only for romantic partners but also for domestic peace and happiness of family members bonded by love and blood.

Fun Fact: Cleopatra and Josephine Bonaparte used rose fragrances as a great tool for seducing their lovers.

Balancing the heart chakra

Wildest Dream Candles makes perfect candles by pairing essential oils with the crystals for tremendous spiritual strengthening. Our Rose candle is made out of the pairing of Rose Essential oil and rose quartz which gives remarkable healing results by balancing and opening the blocked heart chakra. It eventually opens door for love and affection, warmth and adoration while uplifting the spiritual well being. Need to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra? Check out what Cedarwood and Jasmine can do for you.

Rose Essential oil soy candles; inducing love, relaxing the mind

Pure Rose Essential Oil infused in Soy candles is a powerful therapeutic tool which helps in relaxing mind and getting rid of countless diseases. The aroma of rose keeps you charged with contentment and feeling of happiness along with balancing the hormones and reducing blood pressure. Candles made with 100% essential oils contain the same healing benefits as they do in plant form. Wildest Dream Candles have 100% pure rose essential oil along with Rose Quartz buried inside the soy wax in crystal candle to help enhance love and reduce stress and promote unconditional love.  

Immerse in a mesmerizing and most therapeutic aroma of Rose essential oil

Light up a rose candle and find a way of fighting depression or drifting off in a peaceful relaxing sleep. You can also place the beauties on a romantic candlelight dinner for a more lovely and romantic time.

Rose Essential Oil – the power house of love and romanticism, spirituality and mysticism!