Guide To Crystal Healing

crystal healing

Beginners guide to Crystals and Crystal Healing

Type “crystals” into Etsy’s search bar and no less than 1.9 million results will appear. Make that more specific to “crystal healing and stones” on Google and you’ll land on more than 900,000 results. Needless to say, crystal healing is making its mainstream debut.

However, many people still wonder if crystals have healing powers, and while there are many anecdotes describing the curative effects of crystal healing, it really depends on your own experience. It takes a conscious effort to open your heart and mind to the power of crystal healing, and even sometimes just being a believer is enough to start you on this journey.

But first, what exactly are crystals?

Crystals are made up of natural minerals, which are made up of natural elements. This is why one reason I personally adore crystals. It makes me feel more connected to nature and the earth. If we are getting a little more scientific the atoms are arranged in a crystal lattice structure — hence the term  crystal.’ This structure is how experts classify the gems. The atoms in a crystal perfectly repeat themselves, like wallpaper, in a crystal lattice pattern throughout the solid shape.

Crystals can be composed out of a single mineral or multiple. For example, diamonds are a pure type of crystal made only from carbon. But other well-known crystals like turquoise, amethyst, and Rose Quartz are made up of many minerals.

Most of the crystals you’ll find are going to be a combination of minerals.  One of the foundation minerals in crystals is quartz, which is made from the elements silica and oxygen. Quartz is a component of many crystals like jasper, tiger’s eye, agate, chalcedony, and many more.

What can crystals do for me?

If you’re just beginning to use crystals and started becoming interested in crystal healing, a great way to harness their healing power is by using crystal healing stones for manifesting your intentions and what you want to create in your life. When it comes to crystal basics, these otherworldly rocks connect us to the Earth because they are tangible, physical forms that have powerful vibrations. This energy continues to connect with you when you wear these intention crystals close to the skin or place them in your environment. With every thought and intention, these crystals pick up on your unique vibrational energy and amplify the positive vibes that you’re cultivating.

In this magical world of vibrations, crystal energy helps you on your spiritual journey because it works to hold your intention and remind you of your connection to the Earth. A well thought out intention is the starting point for crystal healing because specific intentions instilled into your daily thought patterns also become part of its energy. If you are interested in learning more about what is a spiritual journey, then I highly recommend taking a look at LonersWolf post and their website.

Top tip - Try integrating your crystals whilst meditating - including clear quartz to help cleanse the mind and body whilst mediating you might just find yourself becoming more free and relaxed. Another tip would be to include your crystals whilst having a bath. Making sure your crystals are cleansed, putting them in the bath allowing the energy from the crystals and your intentions to mix with the water allowing you to truly bath in your intentions and manifestations. Looking for Meditation guides? Check out for a range of free guided mediations.

Due to crystals being able to pick up on energy and vibrations it's important to keep your crystals cleansed so you do not transfer the energy around. You can simply cleanse your crystals by allowing them to soak up sunlight, use water and salt or simply smudge your crystals to remove any negative energy.

Beginners guide to crystal healingWhy do crystals work?

At every moment, we have the ability to choose our thoughts and as we continue our journey, each day presents us with new challenges and wonderful beginnings. Crystal Healing reminds us to quiet the chatter of the mind and reconnect to the universally healing vibrations of the Earth. An important lesson to learn from crystals is patience, because just like the eons of time it took for these semi-precious stones to evolve and transform, working with the healing power of crystals also takes time. As you learn, grow, and evolve, use crystals as a reminder to be grateful for the abundance of Mother Nature and the great mysteries of the universe.

However, if you want a little bit more of an scientific explanation; Albert Einstein said everything in life is vibration, and just like sound waves, your thoughts match the vibrations of everything that manifests in your life. Therefore, if you think crystals have healing potential, the positive vibes of the stones will amplify those thoughts.

I truly believe if you want your crystals to help you or enhance your manifestation properties either being related to emotions, finance or anything else, it starts with believing and allowing your energy levels to be open. At every moment, we have the ability to choose our thoughts and as we continue our journey, each day presents us with new challenges and we choose how to deal with that challenge by our own choices and energy. An important lesson to learn from crystals is patience, because just like the eons of time it took for these semi-precious stones to evolve and transform, working with the healing power of crystals also takes time. As you learn, grow, and evolve, use crystals as a reminder to be grateful for the abundance of Mother Nature and the great mysteries of the universe.

How do I choose a crystal?

If you’re interested in experimenting with crystals and crystal healing, try starting small and keeping an open mind, with a range of crystals out there, maybe do some research into the reasons why you want the crystal? Do you need help sleeping? Dealing with Anxiety? Or simply in need of some luck? Once, understand why you want a crystal head into a crystal store that has a strong reputation and knowledgeable staff and see what they have to offer.

If you want to be more authentic when picking your crystals, crystal experts often say that the crystal chooses you instead of the other way around. Walk around the room and see what crystals stand out to you. Whether it’s the dazzling colours or otherworldly shapes and patterns that draw you in, each crystal has a unique vibrational energy that works to clear blockages and ward off negative energy.

healing crystalsJust see what you’re drawn to. Hold a crystal in your hand — do you feel better or notice an effect? If you decide to purchase, try meditating with your crystals, carrying them in your pocket or bag, or just simply having them around.

Sometimes going into a crystal shop and seeing all the beauties can be a little overwhelming and your mind might start to wonder. Try and stay focus, remember to listening to your intuition and heart and follow that. If you are unsure on a particle crystal, try holding the crystal, closing your eyes. Do you notice your hands getting warm? Any thoughts? Or even just simply paying attention to your feelings when holding that crystal is enough to know if you need it in your life right now.



Crystal Healing and Propriety benefits

Mentioned previously, there are a range of resources which identify crystals and their crystal healing benefits. Due to there be a range of different crystals other factors can also play a role in what the crystal healing property is for example the shape of the crystal can play a role in healing benefits and the strength of the crystal.The colour of the crystal is another importance when it comes to a certain type of self-healing you are wanting to do especially when involving your chakras.


Below you can find a brief description of the popular shapes of crystals and their uses...Crystal meanings


Crystals that have been smoothed or polished from their raw form are usually classified as tumbled stones. They have not been carved into any specific form, but are not jagged to the touch. These crystals are usually more affordable and are good for basic crystal use, including grids, meditation, affirmations, altar work, feng shui or more.


Crystals in an Abundance formation are made up of an elongated quartz crystal with smaller crystals clustered around its base. This is a great stone to attract abundance to your life (hence its name) and is great for acting as a conduit to your wealth and business stones.


Natural points are not necessarily long crystals in a wand-like formation. They are any part of a faceted crystal with a point that has formed naturally, and has not been carved to perfection. These types of stones must be used with caution as the point draws energy to the body (when pointed toward a person) or it draws energy away from the body (when pointed away from the body). These properties make it a great tool for cleansing and healing work.


The Phantom formation is slightly difficult to find. These crystals have a hazy image within them, although most of the crystal is particularly transclucent. This phantom of ghost within the crystal is said to carry a vast array of information for the past, making it a powerful tool for past-like work and healing. Depending on the crystal that the phantom is found within, additional properties will apply. However, any Phantom formation will be a powerful stone to shake out your skeletons and pave a healthy path for growth.


A Generator will have six facets (of equal or unequal proportions) that meet into one point. It gets its name for its ability to generate amplified energy, boosting the power of other stones, or the stone it is made of. This type of formation is also very powerful for charging other stones.


These stones are elusive because they appear ordinary from the outside. However, when they are opened or broken they reveal a hollow cave with crystals sparkling within. Because of their contained form, geodes have the ability to hold energy within and soften it, allowing it to naturally flow out and disperse evenly. These formations are great for protection or for assisting with healing abusive habits such as alcoholism, drug abuse, sex addiction, shopping addiction, and abusive internal monologues.


Raw stones are in their natural form and have not been smoothed, polished or altered. Though they are more fragile and can break more easily than other formations, many prefer the look of these stones as they would appear raw in their natural habitat. Like tumbled stones, raw stones are great for all spiritual work and are often quite affordable.


Pyramids are stones that have been shaped into a point with four equal faceted sides and a square base. These formations are great for warding off negative vibrations or removing blocks within the chakra system. This shape is also a great choice to use in affirmation and manifestation work. The properties of the crystal are amplified in this formation. It is a good choice for healers.


The circle emits energy evenly from all angles, and the Sphere formation is no different. These are powerful formations and are often used in scrying as a tool to peer into the past and future. Because the shape is even from every possible angle, it is believed that light, energy and time pass through it with no rules or hindrances, hence their scrying abilities. They often have flaws or occlusions within them which help with the scrying process, though they can be quite expensive depending on their size.


This formation works well with grounding energies and intentions since its energy is contained and enhanced evenly within the stone. It acts as a foundation to meditation practices and has the ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy. These stacking stones are great tools for mindfulness and concentration, especially if you're doing detailed work.


Popular Crystals and how to use them?   

Clear Quartz and How to Use it

One of the most popular crystals for beginners, clear quartz further amplifies your iClear Quartz Healing stonentention, which makes it a key component to a crystal collection. It is also the most versatile stone because it magnifies the vibrations of stones that surround it. In fact, clear quartz wands are often used to cleanse and re-energize crystals. This is because of its powerful cleansing effects and the ability to counteract negative energy blockages.

Sit quietly with the stone, light some candles and feel its white light fill your body with positive energy. Contemplate your intention for the healing crystal and trust in the power of its vibrations harnessed from the Earth over the millennia.

Amethyst and How to Use it

Amethyst Healing Stone Known for its powerful spiritual properties, beautiful amethyst is an ideal stone to place around the home as décor. This visually striking rock is also a wonderful meditation tool because it boosts inner strength and provides spiritual protection.

While focusing on your intention, place amethyst in your office or bedroom to emanate calming energies and invite in abundance. This stone also works well as a complementary healing tool in yoga and meditation but also to aid relaxation and help with sleep issues. If Amethyst sounds like the perfect crystal for you then check out my Amethyst Crystal Candle

Selenite and How to Use it

Selenite Healing StoneSelenite is another powerful cleansing stone because it ensures a positive flow of vibrations between you and other rocks in your collection, which makes it an ideal crystal for beginners.

Quickly remove negative energy from the body and clear the aura around you by moving selenite down the body from the top of your head to your feet. Repeat this cleansing ritual until you feel completely rejuvenated with positive vibrations. Afterwards, you’ll have a restored sense of balance and the protection of a white light that connects you to the universe.


Rose Quartz and How to Use it

Rose Quartz Healing StoneThis beautiful pink quartz is associated with the heart and expressing unconditional love to self, others, and the planet. A wonderful stone to invite love, assist in giving love and even attract your soulmate, rose quartz is all about the heart. Wear or carry rose quartz to open yourself up to finding love if you’re single, and to deepen and nurture your love if you’re in a relationship. Centered around the heart chakra, rose quartz can be used for deep emotional healing and release, and has been known to improve circulation and lower blood pressure. It can also be used to ease palpitations or skipped beats, and release tension. If Amethyst sounds like the perfect crystal for you then check out my Rose Quartz Crystal Candle

Other examples? Labradorite, an iridescent blue crystal (and my personal favourite crystal), has a reputation for promoting creativity, optimism, and clear communication. Try using labradorite crystals in a home office or on your desk at work. And if you’re drawn to green, green chlorite is a great option.  Green is a universal healing colour, green chlorite is placed perfect in wellness centers, gyms, kitchens, bathrooms, or other places where someone would like to support well-being.

What is an intention?

Throughout this article, I have mentioned the world intention or phrase 'setting an intention' but what does that actually mean? Setting an intention is almost like an acknowledgement of what we want to achieve within every each of ourselves. Our thoughts create vibrations throughout the universe, which makes setting intentions a powerful tool for achieving happiness and well-being. Having a clear purpose provides us with insight into our aspirations, dreams, and values. It also helps us live in the present moment instead of being caught in negative thought patterns. Intentions are like magnets. They attract what will make them come true. Setting an intention is a powerful tool for achieving happiness. Crafting an intention starts by setting goals that align with your values, aspirations, and purpose.

  1. Decide what matters to you. Your values drive the actions in your life, and you’ll need to recognise what truly matters to you if you want to find fulfilment.
  2. Explore areas of your life that need an upgrade. For example, are you happy? If the answer is no then it's time for an upgrade. Consider how you can improve your relationships, career, social life, spirituality, health, and community.
  3. Be specific about what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it, and why.
  4. Bring your intentions to life. There are many ways to bring your intentions to life. Keeping a journal, creating a visual moodboard above your bed, or simply just a bath surrounded with candles and crystals and really focusing and channelling those manifestations.

I have my crystal. Now what do I do?

One of the most important, and often overlooked, components to working with healing crystals if setting your intention, or programming. In our own words, you have to give your crystal a job and a purpose! Crystals want to work for you, but you have to tell it what to do. In the moments when you’re vibrating at a lower frequency, your intentions can fly out the window. When you reconnect with your programmed crystal, it will help you remember your goals and limitless potential.

Programming your crystal is simple. The first step is to cleanse your crystal. You can choose your preferred method of clearing, and what resonates with you the most. Immerse your crystal in the smoke of a burning sage stick, Frankincense resin or Copal incense. Place your crystal out under the light of the sun or the full moon for at least 4 hours. Bury your crystal in the Earth and allow it to become recharged with Earth energy. If it’s a smaller crystal, you can place it on top of a Clear Quartz crystal or selenite crystal to clear and cleanse any stuck energy.

Next, hold your crystal in your hands, close your eyes, and take three deep breaths. Reflect on your faith, the Earth, and what makes you happy. This will connect you with your highest vibration. Your highest vibration may be associated with a religious or spiritual belief, God, or simply a divine power that’s greater than you. Or it may be associated with a scientific connection—zero point energy. You decide what to call it. Then, while in this space of love and light, ask that your crystal be cleared of all unwanted energy or previous programming.

So you have completed programming your crystals and cleansing them now what? There are countless ways to work with these amazing stones. Here are a few fun techniques that can play up their energy.

1. Hold a crystal during meditation

One of the simplest ways to connect with crystals is through meditation. Start by holding your crystal in one or both hands as you close your eyes and focus on your breath. You may feel your body sink deeper into the earth, creating a grounding effect. You may feel a lightness surround you. Or you may not feel anything right away. Sometimes, certain crystals don’t resonate, and other times they make the hairs on your skin stand up. Each crystal will feel different, so be patient and keep experimenting.

2. Create a crystal grid

Crystal grids are used to transform the energy in a space. Pick stones that align with your intention and set them up in a grid by building a symmetrical pattern. The crystals work to manifest an intention, while the sacred geometry of a grid helps accomplish it quicker. I's recommend using flower of life grid cloths — cloths Crystal Grid printed with a sacred geometrical pattern that adds even more energy to a crystal grid. You can also refer to Feng Shui principles to decide what colours of stones to use or where to place your grid in your home for a specific intention.

3. Make a beautiful sacred space

Sacred spaces have quickly become popular — they're now crucial components of most yoga and meditation practice spaces. Using crystals in these calming displays adds a beautiful piece of earth energy and brings a peaceful, grounding presence. The crystals also remind you to reconnect with your intention each time you revisit your space.

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals for sacred spaces, because it emits positive energy and fosters a deeper state of meditation. Crystal points can help you set an intention in your space. Simply place one point on top of a piece of paper with your intention written on it, and the point amplifies the intention into the universe.

4. Carry a crystal with you

The more contact you have with a crystal, the more aware you'll be of its energy. You can carry a crystal with you in your pocket or purse and pull it out whenever you need to center yourself or bring your attention back to the intention you’re working towards.

5. Place crystals on your body

Putting crystals on your body has a completely different effect than simply holding them. If you’re working with a specific chakra, pick a stone that corresponds to that chakra and place it on your body. This serves to stir the energy around that chakra and bring up the emotions that you need to heal.

To start, use smoky quartz to give your root chakra grounding energy or place an aventurine over your heart to open your heart chakra to giving and receiving love. You can place a quartz crystal above your head to open your crown chakra for enlightenment and guidance. Keeping a stone over your third eye during this process can help you enter a deeper state of meditation.

6. Use crystals during yoga

Keeping crystals such as Jade on your yoga mat helps create a tranquil space for you to practice. You can even place crystals on your body during savasana to encourage a deeper state of healing meditation.

7. Bring positive energy to your décor

Healing crystals have been popping up in several home décor magazines, and for good reason. Larger crystals make for jaw-dropping statement pieces that work to shift the energy of a space. Amethyst, for example, dispels negative energy and emits positive vibes — it's the perfect addition to any room.

8. Use crystals as the ultimate spa treatment

Crystals can infuse many self-care routines with healing properties. For a DIY crystal treatment, light some candles and bring your crystals into the bath with you or let them soak in the water you use to wash your face. The crystal energy will have a peaceful and restorative affect on your at-home spa day.


How to Cleanse Crystals?crystal healing

Crystals are used widely for various reasons, involving mainly for healing purposes, uplifting of mood, for mending broken relationships, forming a mutual understanding and/or eliminating negativity. But what if the crystal, you just bought already has some kind of negative energy stored in it? Well there are always fair chances of that since it passes on through many hands before finally reaching you, so it is always best advised to cleanse the crystal before using it or even if it has been sitting on your side table or in your living room for weeks you would definitely want to re-energize it with new, improved and elevated positive energy.

Read on to find out about how to cleanse your crystal off of negative energy and re-energize it with positive one.


We can use water literally for cleansing purposes. Just run down the water from the faucet and hold the crystal for a minute or so under the water, the crystal would immediately be cleansed with the purity of water. But if you have access to natural running water such as a sea, pond or lake or even an ocean, then that is said to be the best cleanser for crystals. It not only cleanses the crystal in the real sense but also energizes it completely.

Crystal formRose quartz or any other hard stone can be cleansed with water.

Note: Avoid using porous or brittle crystals.

Time Duration: 30 sec. to 1 min.



Natural light is a great booster both in terms of dissipating the unwanted negative energy and in revitalizing it with natural, more fulfilling energy. Take your crystal outside and place it under direct sunlight or moonlight and let leave for a few hours. Or you can energize your crystal with both by placing the crystal under the moonlight at night and remove it fully energized in the morning before noon. The sun is a source of stronger energy while the moon gives out rather more subtle and gentler energy.

Note: Some crystals are more prone to fading if left in sunlight for a longer duration of time so it is best advised to leave it for a shorter period of time or ideally at the time of sunrise or sunset when the sunlight is rather less intense.

Time Duration: A few hours should do.



Smudging is said to be the best method ever used for cleansing purposes. For this incense sticks or smudge sticks are used which are burnt and then crystals are cleansed off of negative energies by holding the crystal in smoke. The smoke consists of certain elements which help in the removal of built-up energies and replaces them with more calm and soothing aura.

Incense sticks: Sage, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Palo Santo, Sweetgrass

Time Duration: A few seconds to a minute or so.

Note: Use your free hand or feather to fan the smoke over the crystal.



Dry Salt

Take half a bowl of sea salt or cooking salt and submerge your crystal in it. Leave the crystal in it for a few hours or several days. Once done, remove the crystal from salt, rinse thoroughly with water for getting rid of excess salt, let dry and you are good to go.

Note: Throw away the used salt as it will have absorbed all the negative and unwanted energies.

Time Duration: Few hours, overnight or better to keep it for a few days for best results.

Salt Water

Take half a glass bowl of sea water or sea salt/cooking salt mixed in water with the crystal immersed in it. This should be left to stand from a few hours to a full day. Once the duration is over take out the crystal and rinse it with cold water to rid it off unwanted residue. Like dry salt, this saltwater should also be thrown away because again it will have absorbed unwanted energies.

Time Duration: A few hours to a few days or even weeks for best results.

Note: This method should be avoided for crystals that are porous or contain water content such as Opal, Lapis, Pyrite, or Lazuli, as salt water can adversely affect their properties and even appearance.                                                                                                                                                        


You can also use your body’s energy to energise your crystal but for that, you have to be more in tune with yourself. First of, ground your energy, take the crystal in your hand and ‘visualise’ a white light surrounding you and eventually passing on to the crystal. Envision the white light brightening the crystal and removing its negative energies and cleansing it off of all the impurities. Do this process until you feel that the white light has purified the crystal completely.

Time Duration: A few seconds to a few minutes, depending on when you feel fully satisfied.



Only by programming the crystal can we get the best healing results and its sole purpose is to redirect its energy on a more specific and dedicated goal or intention.

In order to program a crystal for a specific purpose/ use/ energy;

  • Clear away the room from unwanted energies by spreading the smoke of incense stick.
  • Sit quietly, clear your mind, hold the crystal in your hand and focus your mind on the stone.
  • Cleanse the crystal through visualization of the white light procedure.
  • Concentrate on the desired energies that you wish to program the crystal with. Transmit them to the crystal through the thought process.
  • Try to remain focused on the intention you have in mind and avoid confusing thoughts for it may overload the crystal with different and unwanted energies.
  • Once you feel that the desired objective is achieved and desired thoughts transmitted to the stone, you are done programming the crystal.
  • Lastly, thank the stone and meditate for a few minutes before ending the process of programming.


Caring for crystals means caring for our own selves. By cleansing the crystal we redirect the inharmonious energies and rejuvenate it with more fulfilling and radiating energy leaving the crystal ever shinning and ever sparkly.