Jade crystal uses and healing properties

Building Balance to Perfection…

A quality life is all about creating the right kind of balance between work and family and between active and an inactive lifestyle. Failing to do so can result in gloom and agony, stress and strain. If you are in low spirits and happen to have lost the right kind of balance in your work-personal life then Jade is the go-to crystal for keeping everything in check and in perfect harmony when it comes to crystal healing. This wondrous gem creates an aura of ease and calmness, it generates an atmosphere of equilibrium and symmetry, hence keeping you levelheaded in any kind of situation bringing patience to your distressed senses.

So while it’s easy to lose track of things it’s even more easier to get back things to normal with none other than the magical crystal known to be as the Jade Crystal. Use this valuable gem to bring about ease and calm, peace and tranquility to your distressed life.

The composition of Jade

Jade crystal is composed of two different minerals namely Nephrite and Jadeite in the form of beautiful olive green shades. The colours and shades can however vary but it’s mostly greenish in shade which is the most abundant and here we are referring to that particular. This crystal has many medicinal properties but it is specifically known for curing kidney and bladder disorders. These healing properties of Jade can be traced back to earlier civilizations where the Chinese, or Mesoamerican and even Greeks, French and Spanish used it widely to cure kidney stones or spleen stones. The Chinese also used it as a potion of longevity and to cleanse the blood while considering it as a symbol of purity. The colour green and heart chakra coincides to emanate a perfect aura of balance, which is beneficial in all spheres of life acting as a rejuvenating process like photosynthesis does in the life of a plant. There is a reason that this crystal is widely used and immensely appreciated when it comes to crystal healing.

Physical and Metaphysical properties of Jade Crystal

Vibe: Purifies, Creates Balance and Alleviates Pain

Primary Chakra: Heart

Astrological sign(s): Libra & Taurus

Chemical Composition: Nephrite and Jadeite

Source: Nephrite – (China, New Zealand, Russia, and the Swiss Alps), Jadeite ( North America, Western Canada, China, Russia and Guatemala)

History and Jade the crystal

From the times immemorial Jade has been considered as a good luck charm by many past civilizations. Chinese came to realize it in 1950 BC as a good luck stone. And then the Chinese civilization also carved Jade statues and made beautiful jewellery and antiquities out of it, while the Jade statues of dragons were also used to decorate the tombs of emperors. Likewise in Asia and America people used it for healing purposes of kidney stones. It has a rich background so much so that its history goes back to Stone Age where Viking invaders sacked villages in style with weapons made out of this magnificent gem. So it’s not just any ordinary gem rather it has a rich background and profound history, proven time and again to be a gem of much worth and value.

Embark upon the spiritual journey

Ward off the negative energy surrounding you by placing the crystal in the room whilst meditating. This will not only empower you with divine powers of inner strength but will also enrich your life with vitality, wealth and longevity. While wealth can help you buy anything you want, it’s the true happiness and ultimate inner strength as well as satisfaction that fulfills your life in truest sense.

Enjoy the profound spiritual journey by incorporating this precious crystal in your everyday life and open ways for unconditional love that will come flooding only if you seek it. Linked with the heart chakra, you sure will feel the magic of love and power of the universe in real terms. 

Jade crystal healing properties

Jade is a powerful stone which has tremendous healing properties. If you are on a lookout for healing yourself physically, spiritually or emotionally then jade is the one to opt for, as Jade crystal’s healing properties are enormous. Have a look at the list below and place an order for the wonderful gemstone right away.

  • Jade helps cleanse the body from stones generally formed in kidney or spleen, purifying the inner filtration system of the body.
  • It balances out the pH level of the body and hence the acidic level thus eliminating any chances of diseases caused by acidity.
  • Fastens the recovery time after surgeries and specifically after the plastic surgery.
  • Helps stabilize the mood, bringing about balance in mind and emotions.
  • Helps improve the dysfunctional relationships and inculcates the feeling of love and care, understanding and compassion between the family, friends, loved ones and partners.
  • Helps ward off the unwanted feelings of existential crisis and impart self-worth and satisfaction.
  • Jade’s spiritual energy brings about balance in our personal and professional lives and helps us bond with the loved ones and work colleagues more easily and conveniently.
  • Relieves irritability and evades negativity.
  • Helps you get free from the emotional setbacks of “self-imposed limitations” and blesses you with a more free and ambitious lookout.
  • Dreams can be made more meaningful and insightful while making them easier to remember through this remarkable gemstone.
  • Heals the bone or joint problems and reduces the severity of cramps.
  • A wonderful beauty tool, Jade lessens the tension in your facial muscles, and smooth out the wrinkles!
  • Heals problems associated with reproduction and helps ease the childbirth process.
  • Highly beneficial for anorexic teenagers who don’t eat properly owing to the fear of gaining weight.

If you think that you lack somewhere in your spiritual struggle or face an emotional dilemma or even worse, ailing physically then this gem of immense attributes and characteristic features will help you cope up with any kind of life’s downside chapters. If you’ve hit the rock bottom in true sense then it’s this crystal that will elevate your spirits and raise you back to the level of fulfilling satisfaction. Incorporate this gem in your life to bring about positivity, perfection and gratification. 

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