Rose Quartz and its benefits, healing, physical and metaphysical properties

rose quartz healing benefits


Reconnecting with the loved ones

Love, the sole reason for this life, the very essence and ultimate quintessence of human existence, without which life would be nothing but mere survival and meagre breathing. In our everyday lives, we sometimes forget the very essence of life or fail in giving or taking back one... But nature always has alternative solutions to offer, we just need to open our third eye to see it. Yes, that’s right, there is a solution for a failed love life or straining relationships with closed ones and that is hidden in a very unique and precious crystal; the Rose Quartz. How? This blog will guide you through the questions of how and why. Keep reading to find out more about this phenomenal gem and its healing properties... 

The crystal of Love and Romance

Translucent pink to rose red in colour, Rose Quartz is a precious gemstone more commonly referred to as a crystal of love and romance. The lovely pink colour which is usually stereotypically correlated to females does actually give the stone a touch of feminism in that it gives it the energy of love and compassion, peace and nourishment. It gives out an aura of tranquillity and love in the unfortunate surroundings of heartbreak and resentment, and against the dark backdrops of fear and insecurities. It has an unusual power of healing the wounded and cheering the distressed. These tremendous properties of Rose Quartz from the immaculate physical appearance to the unsurpassed spiritual healing and further to the deep sense of personal fulfillment have raised its value to an unparalleled level.

Being linked to the heart chakra, this crystal is nothing but all about love, love, and some more love. It “represents one’s ability to love — the quality of one’s love, the past as well as the future loves.” So the things that affect a heart chakra are love, joy and inner peace.


healing properties

Physical and Metaphysical properties of Rose Quartz

Vibe: calming and soothing

Primary Chakra: Heart, Higher Heart

Astrological sign(s): Taurus, Libra

Chemical Composition: (SiO2) Silicon Dioxide with iron and titanium inclusions

Source: Brazil, Madagascar, India and South Africa

Unlock the true power of Rose Quartz

Having the ability to take off the tension among loved ones; people prefer placing this crystal of immense qualities in the living room for an open, friction-free discussion. It expands the heart’s energy field which in turn adds a new flavour and thrill in interacting with family and friends. It has the profound ability to impart the art of patience and tolerance, hence making people more capable of listening patiently and responding calmly thereafter. Placed in the right room and place, Rose Quartz sure does help in cultivating these compassionate personality traits whilst with one’s own conscious efforts. Considering these terrific properties you can place the Rose Quartz in your lounge or bedroom for a more defined purpose which will also serve as an additional benefit of decorating your room.    

Rose Quartz is also an ideal stone for meditation that seeks to discover the ways of relaxing and melting the bridges of stresses to the mere residue.

Breaking the spell of much-tabooed mental health

The physical ailments are not only visible but curable as well, it is the non-physical ones that are taken for granted which in turn takes a greater toll on our health, draining us emotionally and mentally. The taboo linked to mental health restrains us from speaking our heart and mind out but with the help of Rose Quartz, whose metaphysical benefits are abundant, helps us in calming down and heals us through its beautiful energy hence not only making us speak our heart but also gives us a true sense of enlightenment.

Defining Rose Quartz through history

The ancient civilizations of Rome and Assyria were the first ones to use Rose Quartz as a jewellery item. Then came the Egyptians who thought of it as a way of maintaining youthful beauty and glowing skin and hence used it as a face mask.

Ruby Rose was then used in multiple other eras for different purposes when finally the Greek and Roman myths started formulating regarding the stone as being the symbol of love gifted by Cupid or Eros in the form of Rose Quartz. While another myth tells that the stone received its colour from “the blood Aphrodite spilt in trying to save her dying lover Adonis.” And then later it was proven time and again that this love stone can aid resolve anger issues and bring love and peace to human souls.

Rose Quartz and health

As beneficial as this stone is, it can help in healing various health related issues. As such it can;

  • Help with the cases of depression, other mental problems and insomnia
  • Treats various heart conditions, helps regulate the blood circulation and makes the heart muscles stronger thereby preventing from the extreme conditions of heart attack and thrombosis
  • Acts as anti aging agent, reduces wrinkles, removes scars, clears skin, improves skin complexion and brings about natural glow
  • Strengthens the nerves in dealing with tough situations and helps in overcoming the day to day challenges
  • Gives the calming and soothing effect while confronting someone or while dealing with a difficult situation
  • Make your business successful or helps in passing the interview, Rose Quartz as is thought of as a good luck charm
  • Comforts those going through a trauma or crisis and soothes the emotions thus side-lining the unwanted, rough phase
  • Help strengthens the emotional bond between loved ones involved on a romantic level, enhancing the understanding between partners
  • Promotes self love and self forgiveness, benefiting especially those having tough time accepting their faults and mistakes, thus healing the heart and allowing it to accept the infinite source of love that comes from within


Rose Quartz is not any ordinary crystal rather it is a remarkable crystal which grants the specific wishes for which it has been intended to and allows the magical qualities to touch your life. If you feel like Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal for you then please check out our Rose Quartz Crystal Candle.