Meet The Creator: Of Spirit & Bone

Eeeeekkk! I'm super excited to announce a new element onto Wildest Dreams Candles! This space is all about sharing other artists, creators and individuals with a similar sense of direction to that of myself and hopefully you guys as well!

I think it's such an importance to show support to fellow creatives and businesses to help thrive as one but also to get inspired, motivated and to keep your itchy fire burning with your own dreams and goals in life.

intuitive meaningMoving on... I would like to introduce in this first #meetthecreator Laura Brown (aka Of Spirit & Bone). Laura Brown is an Intuitive Counselor and Tarot reader who focuses on helping others transform their trauma and build their own version of a kick ass life. You can find out more about Laura over on her website here. 

Having such a beautiful spirit, I knew I wanted to interview Laura to find out how she got where she is now, but to also inspire many of you who are interested in getting into lightwork yourself. Below you can read the interview and feel inspired!   





1.     How did you get started doing what you do?

I started doing readings after receiving my first Tarot deck. Tarot started my own personal healing journey and soon I was offering my unique blend of intuitive Tarot readings to friends and family. I found great success and the feedback I received back convinced me that I was on to something that I had to see through all the way. 17 years later and I haven’t looked back yet!


2.     What is your favourite product you’ve created or favourite pieces to create?

I love creating both programs and physical products for my clients. I am currently working on a program for healing the wounded child that is lighting up my life right now. My Flowers for Your Face line that combines the healing and beautifying properties of herbs and botanicals is my hands down favorite product to make and use!


3.     What gets you in the mood to create and sit down and work when feeling a little unmotivated?

I struggled with this for the longest time because I am someone who when I don’t want to do something I simply cannot be persuaded to do it! It’s that spoiled child in me ;) I have found through the years that I get very excited when I feel I’ve hit upon something inspiring which I do when I am in meditation and channeling a transmission or when I see someone struggling with something that I feel my skill set could help with.

Otherwise, I know that I am someone who needs lots of down time to nurture myself so that I am in that creative space where energy flows freely.


4.     Do you have any advice for a startup business or an artist just starting out? 

 Be ready to fail and fall flat on your ass. And then be prepared to get back up again and again and again. Starting a business of any sort but especially a creative business is not for those who need a soft touch. It is a lot of work and it requires a strength of spirit to see things through. But rest assured whatever you desire to build is worth the effort.

And it will teach you so much about who you are, your strengths, your weaknesses and what you’re made of. It will make you a better person in the long run so please don’t ever give up!


5.     Any advice you can give to a creator which wants to turn their hobby into a business?

 Be very honest about what you are ready for because most people find they need to continue doing what they have been doing to bring in a pay check while building their side hustle into a main business. Holly, who runs Smoke and Sage on Instagram is opening her first brick and mortar and it all started with her doing business entirely on Instagram with small, periodic sales of home goods and other vintage wares. She is a perfect example of starting small and allowing community to build so when you go big you have that support under you.


I really hope you enjoyed finding out more about the wonderful Laura, and enjoyed this new sector to Wildest Dreams Candles. Make sure to follow Laura's journey over on her Instagram