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Using Wildest Dreams Candles To Unlock Our Creativity

How can we use candles to tune into our senses to unlock creativity and the power of our subconscious mind? Creativity and empowerment coach, and creator of the Practical Magic Activation Deck, Kate Taylor shares a Practical Magic creative mindfulness technique using your Wildest Dreams Candles to connect to your unconscious mind, enliven your senses and romance your creativity.   I’m sat here with the sun hanging low in the sky, and a Wildest Dreams Rose Candle lit. As the flame flickers and the scents reach me, I’m transported through all of my senses to connect to creative flow. Our senses are powerful vessels to tune into unconscious creativity. Journeying through the senses allows your busy, conscious mind to slow...

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How To Read Tarot Cards

Hey Soul Fam! My name is Jessica and I’m a psychic, channel, and tarot card reader out of San Diego, California. It’s a pleasure and honour to support you on your ascension! I work a lot with Source energy to shed light on your choice of self-empowerment and uplight your vibration. Together, we are rising and it’s really exciting! As part of the new paradigm, there is nothing to fear as you step into exploring your spiritual gifts. Reach out and book a reading, if you feel called. We’ll create a safe space of self-exploration and healing for your soul’s evolution! You can find me on Instagram @Jess_the_Empress or find out more over on my website including Ryan’s post about mediation and where to...

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