How To Read Tarot Cards

Intuitive Tarot Card Readingintuitive reading

Regardless of where you are on your tarot journey and how to read tarot cards, you are in the perfect place. As you read, I encourage you to let go of any comparison to where other people are with their spiritual gifts. The moment you are fully within your own energy, you are showing up intuitively. There is a relationship the cards offer that might remind you a lot of yourself. What you are bringing to the new paradigm of tarot reading is your own journey. You are integrated into each of these cards! That is the magic!

There is no right or wrong way to hear/see/know information. Some readers gravitate toward colors first, others numbers, and everything in between. All are perfect! Noticing what calls to you most is the easiest way to recognize your intuitive flow. Now, we also want to appease the brain (ego) because the new paradigm is about co-creation. So, if buying a few books and/or taking a few classes on the tarot supports your journey and helps cut down on the brain chatter, totally do it! There are a few sites and books that provide really great information on the history and traditional meanings of tarot.

Reading intuitively is all about a conscious state of flow with yourself. The thoughts and connections are fluid and streaming. Meditation is a great way to center yourself before picking up the cards. Good thing my beautiful friend, Ryan, wrote about meditation recently (perfectly timed, as usual). You can even meditate with a card! Invite it to speak to you and use your imagination as you journey. Journal afterward and see what comes up (personally, I prefer a voice memo). Start small, there’s no need to tackle every card at one time. Some of the cards you might have an immediate relationship with and others might take years before you truly connect. All of this is okay!

Take yourself on a journey with the elements, colors, people, numbers, and symbols. When I first started I’d put all the Sword cards in a storyboard line-up, then the Wands, (etc.) and see what the progression and regression looked like. I imagined how someone might go from the Three of Pentacles to the Four of Pentacles and then back down to the One of Pentacles. I’d consider why this might need to happen. What would be the purpose of letting go and creating from the beginning? What would be the purpose of standing still? Play around, have fun!

Be sure to check-in with your mind. Make sure it isn’t keeping you small with thoughts like, “I don’t know what I’m doing”, or “this is wrong”. Life is about joy and light energy! If you need to twerk as you pull cards or meditate to chimes, do so! Literally, there is nothing wrong with you for having your own process. Your magic is your magic and no-one can dictate it but you! Just know that tarot and life are the same, there is no separation between the two. A generalized interpretation is great, however, you are here to bring in a specific frequency to the image so don’t discredit your creative power.

If you could storyboard where you are in your life, which cards would you choose? How about for your favorite tv character? What cards represent your heroes and your friends? What every-day experiences can you identify in the cards? Are there any that make you joyful, anxious, curious, etc. – pay attention to the feelings the images provoke in you and see how you can tie them to the cards. You can, at any point, integrate numerology and symbolism into the cards. Follow your flow!

Purchasing your first tarot cards deck:

One of the older beliefs is that your first deck has to be given to you. In full disclosure, I bought my first deck on Amazon! Truly, if something is meant for me I’m going to make it mine instead of leaving it up to chance. I went with the classic Rider-Waite deck and branched off from there. Like everything else, have fun! Search online and pay attention to what calls you. A lot of decks are based off of the classic Rider-Waite, which makes transitioning to other decks much easier…but everyone’s process is different so honour what is called to you!

You might buy a few decks and not connect, just gift or sell them. There is nothing wrong with you or the deck. It’s just simply not a good fit. This is the part of experimenting! You’re going to figure out what you really like working with: Goddess cards, Angel cards, or tarot cards, playing cards…I immediately started mixing my tarot and Oracle cards – so again there really is no right and wrong way to do this. Some decks are major arcana only, some are minor arcana only. There’s literally everything out here now so it’s a great time to start.

Clearing your Tarot cards

This is extremely simple. Sage them for a few minutes, set them in the sun or moonlight, or place a black tourmaline/smokey quartz crystal on the deck for 24 hours to expel any lower-vibrations that accumulate over time. How often you cleanse the deck is up to you. The cards feeling differently, not shuffling properly, or your insight feeling muddled are indicators it is time to clear! selenite Some readers allow others to touch their cards, some don’t. Do what you feel is best. You can also use crystals to help cleanse your cards.

Good, Bad, Evil cards

Another message from the old paradigm is the notion tarot cards and readers are bad or evil. Check-in with whether this is true for you or if it is part of a system designed to keep you small. Life itself is not good, bad or evil – therefor the cards themselves cannot be good, bad, or evil. Simply put, they’re pictures on a piece of paper. The images, like life, are neutral. I’ll use The Devil as an example. Collectively, there is a lot of blame that can be given to The Devil. However, blame keeps us from saving ourselves and taking accountability. If handing over your power to anything is part of your programming – it will come through in moments you start to blame the cards for your outcome. The Devil can be a prompt to check-in with your attachments so you no longer stay stuck. Everything in front of you can be used for your benefit! It is your free will to make that happen!

Asking Questions

When it comes to asking questions start small and keep it light. Remember that your frequency and energy are going to be flowing into deck day after day (or whenever you decide to read). To know how the cards speaks to you, start with simple questions like:

  • What color is best to wear today?
  • How is my energy?
  • What do I need to know right now?
  • How can I develop my relationship with you?
  • What kind of relationship will we have?
  • What is wanting to be expressed today?


As you begin to understand your relationship with your tarot cards you can refine your answers. I have several decks that only answer serious questions and other decks that are really sassy and prefer light, business-minded questions! So be sure to move through this with flow and an open-mind.

Reverse Cards

Reading reverse tarot cards is really simple, I promise. Either increase or decrease the message of the upright card. It’ s a personal choice to read reverse cards, not everyone does and not every deck is made to be read in the reverse position. Go with the flow. A lot of readers get caught up when the cards appear in the reverse position but simply take a few deep breaths, look at the image upright, and see how you feel when you flip-it. Yes! Flip the message! Let’s go back to the Devil, who reminds us to check in with our habits. The Devil in the reverse position can mean you’re actively breaking unhelpful patterns.

So, there you have it! A lot of information but the easiest way for you to read is your way. Create cheat-sheets and hang them up, bookmark pages online, ask to read for others or journal on your own – truly there is nothing wrong with your journey and exploring your gifts! Ask yourself what you need to do in the here and now to either align with or avoid an outcome. Enjoy connecting more deeply with yourself and the world around you through the tarot! This is all about self-empowerment and you know what’s best. Be present and read in the present moment.


Blessings to all you amazing souls,