Using Wildest Dreams Candles To Unlock Our Creativity

How can we use candles to tune into our senses to unlock creativity and the power of our subconscious mind? Creativity and empowerment coach, and creator of the Practical Magic Activation Deck, Kate Taylor shares a Practical Magic creative mindfulness technique using your Wildest Dreams Candles to connect to your unconscious mind, enliven your senses and romance your creativity.mindfullness


I’m sat here with the sun hanging low in the sky, and a Wildest Dreams Rose Candle lit. As the flame flickers and the scents reach me, I’m transported through all of my senses to connect to creative flow. Our senses are powerful vessels to tune into unconscious creativity. Journeying through the senses allows your busy, conscious mind to slow down, and for different brain wave and creative energy vibrations to come online. Here’s a simple technique that you can practice for 10 minutes at any time of the day.


Come to stillness

Find yourself some space you will be undisturbed. You can sit with silence, or if you have some meditation / relaxation music — put on a song which will reflect taking this moment of connecting to yourself. As you light the candle take in three deeps breaths to connect you to where you are, and to connect to the candle.


Set an intention using the crystal

As each Wildest Dreams Candle has a crystal, which you can invite to set your intention. In my candle is a beautiful rose quartz, so as I set an intention to connect to the flow of my creativity, I am inviting the rose quartz to connect with my heart as I offer unconditional love to allow whatever form of creative expression to come through.


Awaken your visual sense

Keeping your breath even and flowing deeply start to watch the flame flicker and move. Take notice of everything you can see within the candle; noticing the shapes, hues, the light as it bounces and dances around. See how the glitter reflects against the light of the flame. Become curious as to what’s happening to the soy wax as it gently melts and changes colour. What can you see beyond the obvious, and within the detail of the detail?


Balance your chakras through your sense of smell

The essential oils within the Wildest Dreams Candles will work to balance your chakras. Rose — for example — is a powerful connection to opening the heart chakra; sage is good for balancing the root chakra; cinnamon for the solar plexus; and lavender for the crown. Close your eyes, take in deep and even breaths in and out through your nose to connect into the scent of the candle


Listen deeply to connect to your intuition

Bringing your hearing sense online, tune into what you can hear around you — what can you hear from the candle as it flickers and burns? Take a deeper listen, what’s below the obvious sounds? What is your intuition saying to you? Listen carefully, it usually has quieter, softer tones that ego, or that harsh inner critic. Intuition is often giving voice to what can’t often be heard. Don’t judge what comes through, your only job is to listen.


Connect to your feelings in the present moment

Feelings and emotions are like the liquid state of the melting wax — temporary and constantly moving. As you connect to your kinaesthetic, feeling sense, get a sense of where you’re sat in this moment. What can you feel? Can you feel the warmth from the candle? Can you feel the earth underneath you holding you where you are right now? What can you feel inside of yourself? State any emotion or state you are feeling. Just notice it, don’t judge it, simple say to yourself ‘In this moment I am feeling…, and that’s OK’.


What does your creativity taste like?

As you are here in creative mindfulness with your Wildest Dreams candle, imagine that you could taste the sensations and energy that’s moving through your body. The incredible thing about our brain and subconscious mind is that it doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined, so bring your gustatory sense of taste alive and imagine that you are bringing the most delicious taste of something you love into your awareness.


Connection beyond knowing

Everything around us and within us is made of energy — the flower or herbs in the candle, the crystal, the flame, the glass itself. So too are our thoughts, feelings and emotions. What vibrational energy are you getting from connecting in with the candle? What are you getting from this moment of connecting in with yourself which is a vibration of creativity? This is a beautiful portal to connect to your higher self, or deeper unconscious creativity. Allow whatever wants to come through to flow through you in this moment.

As you close off this practice you may wish to have a journal to hand to have a few minutes of automatic writing to see what comes through from this time of connecting to your intuition and unconscious creativity. Simply put your pen to paper and write without self-editing, just let whatever wants to come through to flow. If you wish to draw, do so without lifting your hand from the page. This is a divine moment of connection to your divine creative self.


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Kate Taylor is a leading creativity and empowerment life coach, creative business mentor, Master NLP practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist and Qoya teacher. She founded the Practical Magic Activation Deck so that others could become their own life coach, blending the tools she’s learnt throughout her own journey, as well as through her work with clients. She’s also creator of the popular Practical Magic Podcast where each week she shares wisdom and interviews with special guests from the worlds of creativity, wellness and modern spirituality.

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