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Selenite & Sage Crystal Soy Candle

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Soy Wax Candle

Wildest Dreams Candles introduces you to the perfect cleansing candle! This Selenite and Sage soy candle cleanses your home and mind from negative energy to allow yourself to set new intentions and to enhance manifestation. Infused with sage essential oils to help with aromatherapy benefits and to cleanse your home. The candle is topped with beautiful, holygraphic biodegradable glitter and fresh sage.

Each Selenite and sage soy candle includes a pure, cleansed selenite crystal which has been cleansed with direct sunlight, smudged with sage. Rose buds to help infuse the crystals with love energy in an Abalone Shell. selenite Crystal has been chosen for this candle due to its peaceful, calm crystal healing benefits to enhance the users burning experience. 

This candle has been handmade. Due to this, no two products will ever be the same and the item you receive will differ slightly from the image shown.

The candle burns for around 45-50 hours and holds 180g of natural Soy Wax 

Please use our candles at your own risk! Small materials found on the surface such as flowers, seeds and twigs can be susceptible to burning so it's imperative you keep a close eye on them.