My story


Hello everyone!! My name is Ryan and I'm the creator of Wildest Dreams Candles.


I've always loved candles and I've always been a strong believer of anything is possible and to always keep a positive mindset. I would say my awakening started when I finished university and everything I dreamed of doing kinda seems 'mehh' and I started feeling rather lost and low within myself. Overtime, searching for answers I started reading more, spending more time out side, started meditation and then it all seemed to click. By slowing down allowed me to really enjoy living and slowly understanding the power of self love.

I was happy because I finally found my eyes were open and I was truly taking in the universe for all it's magic and beauty. I started getting really invested with self love and nature and how being surrounded by nature made me feel which is when I discovered the world of crystals and magic. 

With wanting to combine the energies and love I had for magic and crystals with my love for candles Wildest Dreams Candles was born.

The brands core value is to produce products which can be used as tools of self-love and witchcraft but most importantly giving a little 'pick me up' and motivation to carry on being happy and live life to the max in this magical world we live in.