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Carnelian Crystal, Cinnamon Soy Candle

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Introducing our Carnelian, Cinnamon Candle. Perfect for those cozy nights or self empowering nights! This candle involves warm orange tones throughout promoting the session changes. Perfect for those nights where you want to get all cozy and snug or simply re-spark your intentions. Carnelian crystal was chosen due to it's warm energy, helping to promote creativity and self-esteem. 

Finally topped with a range of fresh botanical florals and gold biodegradable glitter. 

The candle burns for around 35-40 hours and holds 170g of natural Soy Wax 

Please use our candles at your own risk! Small materials found on the surface such as flowers, seeds and twigs can be susceptible to burning so it's imperative you keep a close eye on them.