Love Spell/Ritual Kit

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Introducing our Spell Kit focusing on love spell casting and self love rituals!

Featuring a Wild lavender, rosemary and mugwort Sage Smudge Stick, to cleanse your space and used to connect with the element air and earth. Lavender and rosemary has been infused with this sage stick to help cleanse and quieten the mind so you can stay focus when casting your spell or completing your ritual.

Pink candle has been chosen linking the work to love in any form - from promoting self love to casting a love spell. Lighting the candle allows you to focus your intention and cast the spell, burn your desires in the flame (element fire) or finish your ritual.

Finally Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Opalite Crystals have been carefully thought out to improve the work by using there healing properties to enhance love, promote warmth energy whilst bring extra strength to the spell/ritual.